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and kiss you on the mouth x

19 February
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hey ho. let's go.
'83, 4 skins, addicts, aerosmith, alcohol, bad manners, bass, beastie boys, being a corporate whore, being immature, black, black flag, blood, bob marley, boomtown rats, brazillian wax, buzzcocks, candles, capdown, childbirth, chuck taylor, cigars, clash, clit 45, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, cream, crying, cure, dance hall crashers, dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, def leppard, dirty dancing, distillers, doc. martins, ebay, everclear, fishnets, flutes, freedom, freshies, funeral for a friend, ghost world, goldfinger, graham norton, green, guitar solos, guns n roses, happiness, hollywood, hormones, hot chocolate, iggy pop, incence, iron madien, jam, jason mraz, jimi hendrix, king prawn, kinks, lace, leather, leaves, led zepplin, less than jake, liberty spikes, licking, local shows, london, lovely bones, madness, making out, meatloaf, misfits, mitch o connell, mohawks, moshing, mummies, mustard plug, necking, neon green, neon pink, new rock, new york dolls, nirvana, oi, ok go, old school, operation ivy, photos, piano, piercings, pink floyd, puberty, punk, queen, ramones, rancid, red hot chili peppers, red lipstick, red nails, reel big fish, sanwhiches, save ferris, sex pistols, sham 69, shawshank redemption, ska, ska-p, skankin' pickle, slits, smiles, smiths, snogging, soundgarden, specials, stargirl, stiff little fingers, stooges, sublime, suspension, system of a down, tarten, tattos, tenacious d, thin lizzy, thinking, tidy, tissues, trains, trainspotting, trombones, uk subs, undertones, underwear, venus, vinyl, vodka, von bondies, voodoo glow skulls, waynes world, weed, whores, wine, woodstock, x-ray spex, yeah yeah yeahs, zoolander